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History of Nordic Tug Yachts

Nordic Tugs is a yacht and boat manufacturer established in the early 1970s. Founders Jerry Husted and Lynn Senour decided the market needed a more fuel-efficient powerboat in the midst of global oil shortages and built their first tugboat-inspired vessel in 1979.

Nordic Tugs were immediately popular for their fuel-efficiency and innovation. Today, there are dealers throughout North America, Europe and Asia.

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Buying or Selling a Nordic Tug Yacht

Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage (W&A) dedicates itself in helping clients in selling or buying Nordic Tug Yachts.

Buying Nordic Tug Yachts:

Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage has access to every Nordic Tug listed for sale worldwide through multiple listing search sites. Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage personal dedication and hard work will find the right Nordic Tug for you.  Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage will narrow down the market of Nordic Tug Yachts based on criteria such as size, model, year range, & price range. Once Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage finds potential Nordic Tug that interest you, we will ultimately find out true condition of Nordic Tug based on hull condition, exterior, interior, engine room, and how well boat has been maintained over the years, as well as provide a history of the boat.

Selling your Nordic Tug:

Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage would welcome the opportunity to assist in facilitating the sale of your Nordic Tug. Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage experienced sales staff and successful worldwide marketing campaigns will provide top quality, personalized service. Please call 954-764-4880 to discuss in detail with broker, or e-mail

Market Reports on Nordic Tug Yachts

Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage also provide Nordic Tug sales reports to buyers and sellers to better understand market trends and values on Nordic Tugs.