118' 0" DENISON 1986


Refit Details

Owner is willing to consider selling shares if a full purchase is not in your plans.
Refit in 2007, this Raised Pilothouse Denison has been an exemplary Bahamas charter vessel. Its shallow draft planing hull, paired with Kamewa Jet Drives and ample power, makes it a perfect charter boat more than adequately ranged to explore the Caribbean.

Purchased by its most recent owner, it was due for extensive renovation and a thorough list of items every jet yacht of this caliber demands. The process has already taken care of the more pressing issues with aluminum hull designs. The following are the completed items regarding a Refit operation.

  • Osmotic Blister Repair
  • Superstructure and Hull Paint
  • “Faux” Teak Deck Removal
  • Extensive damage removal and surfacing done to preserve the aluminum hull, finished product revealed no discrepancies as per recent inspection. Fairing redone to all affected areas.
  • Aluminum surfacing and Awlcraft 2000 protect the newly refinished aluminum hull and topside.
  • Worn and damaged deck removal on Fly bridge and boat deck, surface preparation for new deck and fairing. Interior coaming and cabinet aluminum acid etching(Alodine tm), Zinc chromate, Prime and paint(Awlgriptm). Main Engine Room Vents, port and starboard, fitted and installed. Port and starboard blower vents fitted and Installed.
  • Aluminum Surfacing
  • Main Engine Room Vents
  • Main Engine Room Blower Vents
  • Bow Rail Install Bow Thruster serviced Freshwater Pump Removal and replacement
  • Jet Drive Disassembly
  • Serviced with new parts and fresh oil. Inoperative pump and leaking accumulator replaced with new system meeting or exceeding original performance. Assessment by Rolls Royce and preparation for rebuilding and install.(Refer to Rolls Royce for work order). Found to have Almost no wear to main Jet components. Serviced with new parts. Rebuilt and ready for assembly and install.
  • Stabilizers Serviced Generators Rebuilt


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