What is the Marketing Strategy at Woods & Associates?

Depending on the vessel, location and urgency to consummate a deal, the sales & marketing approach can vary. However, one constant variable does prevail - product knowledge. This along with a diligent work ethic and sincere representation are key. We employ various methods of promoting our listings, which also assist on the purchasing side for cases where we are working with buyers.

Technology has changed the world and the yacht brokerage landscape is no exception. We are heavily invested in the internet and company web site. Search Engine Optimization is a priority to fully capitalize on our visibility and website effectiveness. Other practices we continue to remain fully engaged in are as follows:

  • Boat Shows
  • Open Houses
  • Multiple Listing Subscribers
  • Yacht Rendezvous
  • Fishing Tournaments
  • Social Networking
  • Company Newsletter
  • Print Media
  • Yachting Videos & Virtual Tour Presentations
  • Broker to Broker Relations
  • Cross Marketing Thru In House Real Estate Division
  • Cross Marketing Thru In House Insurance Division

Why Should I List My Yacht with Woods?

There are many benefits to listing your yacht for sale with a competent and reliable yacht broker. Many people choose to go their own route and then wonder what went wrong when the deal falls through, or the boat sits in port unsold for months at a time. Not only does Woods Yachts possess the knowledge and experience in the field of yacht brokerage, but they can also give you back your precious time and sell the yacht for you.

Have you been thinking, I want to sell my yacht, yet I don't know how to get started? Instead of trying to figure out the intricacies of how yacht sales work, a competent yacht reseller such as Woods will take the effort of selling your yacht from you. When you list yacht for sale at Woods, you'll be assured that your yacht will be listed with a respectable firm that's been around for over 40 years.

Woods & Associates can assist you from the start of your decision to signing papers over to the new owner, and delivery. They'll make recommendations on how to prepare your yacht for sale.

Did you know that if you clear the clutter from the deck and cabin of your yacht that chances are higher that it will sell faster? This enables the new buyer to see what they're purchasing. They don't want to touch your stuff. It's also the perfect opportunity to envision how their stuff may fit onto their potential new purchase.

Woods may also make recommendations for neatly stowing away equipment and cleaning and making repairs. Often these have minimal cost, yet will greatly benefit any future sale.

Most yacht brokers agree that professional quality photographs and advertisements will present your yacht in the best light, but video is increasingly becoming the norm. But there's no need for the yacht seller to purchase an expensive video camera. Woods & Associates can tackle this side of the advertising so you don't need to concern yourself with the details.

When you want to list yacht for sale you may understand everything you need to know about yachting, and the best destinations. But most people don't have to the time to learn about marketing or advertising practices. That's why you can entrust a yacht broker such as Woods to handle these details for you. With over 40 years of experience, they understand not only how to sell a yacht, but what it takes to get it sold. They don't want your yacht to sit in port unsold. They'll do what it takes to reach your sales goal.

Woods also has years of experience in understanding how yachts are priced for resale. They can present selling points to the potential buyer. If a yacht is priced a bit higher than normal then reasons must be given.

A yacht broker is a lot like a real estate broker, except instead of selling a house, a yacht is being sold. When you say sell my yacht, Woods will follow through.

Together, we will define your specific requirements and implement a plan that will get results.