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Pete Woods



Pete's been a yacht broker since 1973 and still "can't wait to get to work in the morning". He treats the business as a profession and is definitely starting to get the hang of it! Pete has navigated buyers and sellers through hundreds of transactions, and on occasion been required to overcome considerable challenges along the way.

It was not by coincidence that MarineMax's first acquisition after going public in 1998 was Pete's original company Woods & Oviatt. They wanted an individual of high integrity, vast product knowledge in both motor yachts and sport fisherman, and the leadership skills that clearly defined his persona and success.

When he and son Ryan launched Woods & Associates in the fall of 2006, Pete commented that he had been reincarnated! He and Anne, his wife of almost 40 years have raised 4 boys which Pete claims is truly his greatest accomplishment. Through it all, from both a personal and business prospective, he has developed a unique sensitivity that can make the difference when the going gets tough. You will find that Pete takes the same conscientious approach regardless of the size or value of vessel involved in each specific deal. "It's all about respect for the customer and addressing his requirements, followed by PERFORMANCE."