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A Deal for the Ages

Posted By: Pete Woods
A Deal for the Ages

There is no difficult balancing act between the Yacht Brokerage and Real Estate divisions at Woods & Associates. The synergies that connect the two are a natural and operating within the atmosphere of our family business creates a seamless process. There are a host of friends and clients who have entrusted us to guide them through transactions in both arenas – boats & property. Frequently the “what comes 1st – the chicken or the egg” thing comes into play.

Sometimes a simple toss of the coin resolves this indecision. Also, there is occasionally a possibility to actually do a swap involving the two assets. Similar to the case where two $500 cats are traded for one $1,000 dog . And as fate would have it , in early November of this year we closed an epic transaction that included the exchange between a multimillion dollar home and boat.

So, here’s the way this epic deal went down. Ryan has developed a close relationship with customers who had bought and sold a couple different vessels over a three year period. The latest two are a 54’ Hatteras sport fisherman and a 75’ Ferretti motor yacht. Ryan also manages and captain’s both vessels with brother in law, Jerry Pearson. (Talk about synergies!!). Aspiring for a larger yacht, the owners put the Ferretti on the market. They also owned a seasonal waterfront home off Las Olas Blvd. in Ft Lauderdale, which they listed for sale with Anne this past April (which Ryan & Jerry also manage – multi taskers!!).

The goal was to sell both and settle in on a vessel large enough to live aboard while in town and comfortably cruise local waters, & the Bahamas. Along comes a gentleman interested in the house. He just so happened to own a 123’ Palmer Johnson motor yacht that was for sale. And the rest is history! We orchestrated a trade between the two (with some cash $$ to boot) and BOOM the deal went down!! Talk about a WIN – WIN.