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Popular New England Yachting Destinations

Posted By: Matt Woods
Popular New England Yachting Destinations

Dating back to the 18th century, New England has been one of the few places that seafaring has long been somewhat of a culture and continuous ongoing way of life. From Nantucket down to the southern rocky coasts, there is an ever-growing list of places to visit and things to see while making your way across the seas. The following are just some of the many great New England destinations you can rest assured will leave a lasting impression for years to come… 

Martha’s Vineyard

As many already know, Martha’s Vineyard is without a doubt one of the most popular spots to head to while in the area. With a total of 100 square miles, this beautiful island boasts some of the most sought after spots to spend the summer months in. So popular in fact that every year it attracts visitors, which often including famous artists, actors, musicians and several politicians. While stopping here, enjoy a plethora of sites to visit and activities to partake in, which include a stop at Seamen’s Bethel Museum, picturesque lighthouse and a fishing village to wander about. Spending just one hour strolling along the streets of Martha’s Vineyard will have you realizing exactly why it continues to be such a major attraction year after year.

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Along with a stop at Martha’s Vineyard, no trip through New England is complete without exploring the famous Nantucket. A mere 26 miles from the coast of Cape Cod and a place that will have you wishing you had more time to spend there makes this an absolute must destination. For those looking to spend some time docking in order to dig their feet into the soft and warm sand then this is definitely the place to head to. With a total of 100 miles of beaches and all accessible to the public, you truly cannot go wrong in choosing to spend some time here while in the New England area. Along with the pristine beaches, Nantucket also offers an atmosphere and unique culture unlike any other with 17th century cottages and sidewalks lined with old –fashioned lamp posts will have you feeling as if you just stepped back in time.


Block Island

Another must-see for making your way through New England is Block Island, which lies just 12 miles off of Rhode Island. With its easy to reach destination from Newport, this has long been a popular destination for those traveling by yacht through the sea. Though smaller than both Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, Block Island offers just as much to see and explore. From the 17 mile long stretch of spectacular beaches to the breathtaking views along the winding roads and lighthouses, Block Island is a place you will not soon forget. Along with sightseeing, this island also offers an assortment of places to spend your time shopping and dining. Start your day off in port at the main street in Old Harbor shopping through unique and inviting shops and end it with a tasty and delicious meal at one of the many restaurants within walking distance.


Newport, Rhode Island

For history buffs looking to explore and go back in time, Newport is an excellent option to stop off at while in New England. As one of the top destinations in the area, you are guaranteed to come across incredible mansions, historical architecture, music and chic boutiques all calling your name to wander and explore. Stroll along the Cliff Walk to be amongst a long line of history or take in the magnificent beauty that awaits while on Ocean Drive. For those looking to really get to know the history behind Newport, why not head into the Brick Market Museum where you can enjoy the interactive audio and video exhibits provided for all visitors. Nearly every street and area of Newport exudes a historical aspect and is one place that continues to bring back visitors year after year.


Cuttyhunk Island

Although the hustle and bustle of the previous mentioned must-see places to stop and enjoy are always a great option, a more quiet and peaceful place to visit would be the beautiful Cuttyhunk Island. Only 8 miles away from Martha’s Vineyard, this is an excellent option for those who simply want to relax and take in the natural beauty that seems to exude every inch of this place. Of course there is much less shopping and excitement going on here but without it, there is still so much to be done for those hoping to partake in some sort of activity while here. Head out on a lovely hike around the area, explore the old yet beautiful homes and make friends with the locals who own the few restaurants found on the island.



By far the largest village throughout the area, Hyannis offers unique places to explore and has continuously drawn in crowds of seafaring yacht explorers from all over the world. For those hoping to get in some solid fishing while in New England, Hyannis offers several recreational and commercial fishing opportunities guaranteed to leave a lasting and positive impression of the place. There is also the JFK Hyannis Museum for those hoping to catch a glimpse of what was done in order to make this particular so special for visitors. After the museum, make your way to Main Street where many shops and restaurants to suit all tastes await.



Portland, Maine

Located on the southern coast of Maine, Portland is home to several galleries, boutiques, a variety of restaurants and simply a laid back and welcoming atmosphere. Because there is so much to see and do in Portland, it often ranks as New England’s top yacht destinations and with many good reasons as to why. While paying a visit here you will come across the famous Portland Museum of Art, the Children’s Museum of Maine, the State Theater and several other must visit places while here. Long lists of restaurants, shops and plenty of entertainment are what make this particular spot so popular.