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Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage moves into new offices!!

Posted By: Pete Woods
Woods & Associates Yacht Brokerage moves into new offices!!

When WOODS & ASSOCIATES rings in the New Year this January 2013, it will be from a different zip code. That’s right - we are moving our offices from Pier 66, to a 1st class location on Fort Lauderdale’s New River. To be exact the address is: 333 N New River Dr. E. Fort Lauderdale Fl 33301. It is on the north side of the river—just east of the 3rd Avenue bridge. We will have twice the current square footage, which will allow us to double our brokerage staff. There is ample side tie dockage right in front of the new offices at most reasonable rates. We are truly enthused about the move and hope you will share in our excitement.

Some may consider this to be a bold measure. We rather believe it is an opportunity to improve our brokerage service capabilities and provide a better product to our many friends and customers. “The old gives way to the young” perhaps best describes our philosophy in re-locating. (No hidden meaning or
reflection on the age disparity between father & sons). While our 20 plus year tenure at Pier 66 (the old) was an eventful and rewarding experience - it is time for change to a facility where we can perform at a higher level (the young). A change for the better! We will now be operating from a “down town” venue and vantage point. The new offices are on the most prestigious block of the Riverwalk Development in our progressive and metropolitan city. The well acclaimed Las Olas Shopping & Dining district is ½ block to the north. WOODS & ASSOCIATES will now be in the heart of Ft. Lauderdale!!!REJOICE as the New Year unfolds and join us in celebrating - with a high level of optimism and much needed ingredients - to a successfulstart of 2013.