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Enjoy the Beautiful Waters of Bimini

Posted By: Matt Woods
Enjoy the Beautiful Waters of Bimini

Not only was it Ernest Hemingway's favorite islands in this part of the world where he made his home for several years in the 1930’s, it has since become a favorite amongst thousands of others who get the chance to explore and discover “The Sport Fishing Capital of the World”. Though fishing is the main attraction that tends to draw in the most crowds, there is also a vast array of all sorts of activities that are suitable for any and all kind of travelers to enjoy.

Whether you are visiting Bimini solo, with your significant other or with your entire family, you will surely find that this Caribbean destination is here to satisfy all of your needs and wants while on holiday. The following are some ideas to get you thinking about how you should consider filling your days in beautiful Bimini…

Sport Fishing Trips

sportfishing in biminji

As mentioned before, Bimini is more often than not considered and named the "Sport Fishing Capital of the World" and for good reasons too. The stunning beautiful blue waters off the shores of Bimini are in fact filled with some of the most abundant populations of marlins, tuna and swordfish that make for the most pristine sport fishing conditions. Whether you have experienced the thrill of sport fishing or not, be sure to not miss the opportunity to take advantage of the pristine conditions that make your chances of catching record breaking fish extremely possible.

The great thing about fishing out on Bimini is not only this but also the fact that while you may not catch the biggest, you are still going to have a great time in the process. Heading out on a private chartered boat adds to the perfect recipe of a great day out on the blue waters of the Caribbean. 

Scuba Diving

scuba diving in bimini

The Bahamas Out Islands in general boast some of the best scuba diving in this part of the world and with crystal clear conditions, warm waters and tropical fish galore, it is no surprise as to why. No matter your experience or lack thereof, there is plenty of scuba diving companies and trips throughout Bimini that guarantee you a thrill of a lifetime and give you the chance to experience the Caribbean in an up close and personal way. Explore the Sapona right off the shores of Bimini where they once used to store whiskey for bootleggers but is now amongst some of the world’s best shallow wreck sites for divers.

Sail The Waters

As one of the most popular spots for visitors to head out on a sail boat, this is an opportunity that you will undoubtedly not want to miss out on while in Bimini. Many would argue that there simply is no better way to experience the Caribbean than from atop a chartered sailboat or yacht where you can explore the outlying islands and take in the natural beauty that seems to exude every inch of the surroundings. Because most travelers have not come with their own boat, there are always plenty available for renting and chartering with several full-service marinas accessible along the way. Sailing through the waters allows you to not only experience the closer waters and shores throughout Bimini but also the further in proximity outlying islands and great spots just out of reach if you had not decided to rent a yacht or boat for the day.

Explore By Kayak

For those specific travelers including families traveling with little ones, sport fishing or scuba diving may just not be in the cards for them. Though this may be true, there are still plenty of options of activities to take advantage of that the entire family can enjoy; kayaking is one of them. Sea-kayaks allow for you to head out, glide upon the pristine blue Caribbean waters and explore mangroves, coves and bonefish flats that are all waiting to be enjoyed.

Resorts and hotels throughout Bimini offer plenty of kayak rentals along with guides that can help you to explore all that the coasts and waters have to offer. Not only will you enjoy being atop the water inside your kayak but also enjoy hopping off into the waters with your snorkel gear to explore the underwater world with whoever is accompanying you. Spend hours upon hours discovering a whole new world you never knew existed from the comfort of a safe and easy-to-use kayak while in Bimini.